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ju-ve-nile: a young person
de-lin-quent: failing to do what duty or law requires
juvenile delinquency: antisocial or illegal behavior by minors. -Webster's New World Dictionary


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Across the Virgin Islands everyday, crimes are being committed and individuals are being violated. Camp “Positive” Motivation is a multi-strategic regimented environment whose agenda is centered on improving the individual delinquent’s way of thinking. Camp “Positive” Motivation provides second chances, accountability, self discipline, positive motivation, and community involvement. In essence, Camp “Positive” Motivation is a necessary, contemporary element aimed towards reducing crime and recidivism.

There is a dire need for a heightened sense of accountability within our community and the need for proactive measures to effect positive change in the lives of the next "at-risk" generation as crime becomes more brutal and violent. Meanwhile, our judiciary system has been perceived as part of the problem and culpable by our youths and others. The system has resorted to the warehouse approach, "lock 'em up, without engaged, prolonged rehabilitation, and throw away the key." Camp“Positive” Motivation is a rigorous, productive, “no nonsense” alternative to our  immediate community epidemic.

PJ Cuffy


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